This contemporary glass and steel handrail give an awesome unique look to your home. This type of handrails can be considered as traditional as well as modern. The person who likes to have the traditional look can posses these type of uniqueness. The wooden balustrade and wooden steps grant an awesome perfection and architectural finishing. This is the fast moving type of handrails in stainless steel handrail designs. The strength of the model is speechless and that is the reason why it is most popular. People are going back to centuries to get back the old designs to their home. If tradition and contemporary come together, that will be marvellous. Wooden handrails have a classic look, which means they never go out of fashion. They have several benefits, making them a popular choice with homeowners looking to update their stairway.Glass handrails and railings are becoming increasingly popular as people look to maximize the feeling of light and space that they can bring to their surroundings. Although glass handrails and railings were previously reserved for modern homes, these days they are often used in traditional interiors too. Offering homeowners a contemporary twist and flow of natural light around the property.

A staircase can be one of the first things that guests see when entering your home, leading off the hallway, or flanking high-traffic reception rooms such as the living room. If you’re renovating your hallway or looking to upgrade your staircase design, it’s essential to think carefully about how your choice of materials will affect the overall look of your home. This piece will explain your options when combining wooden handrails with glass panels.When you think about it, railings can be found throughout your home. Along with obvious applications, railings can help you safely navigate a staircase or define the boundaries of an outdoor living area. We also see them used at the edge of a sunken living room, around a balcony or along a loft or upper-story walkway.

The advantages of combining glass and wood

Combining glass and wood is a versatile way to achieve a modern yet classic style for your staircase. Using timber creates a traditional feel, while glass keeps the overall effect minimalist, stylish and up-to-date. There are several advantages to mixing materials, such as glass and wood, when designing your new staircase hardware.
First and foremost, using glass panels instead of wooden spindles allows a solid finish, whilst still enjoying the traditional, natural feel of using timber. Glass panels can also let the light through even better than spindles, making the staircase seem brighter and more open. This effect can allow light from upstairs windows to radiate downstairs, creating an overall light and airy feel.
Solid glass panels can also sometimes be safer than using wood, particularly if you have young children who might attempt to wiggle through gaps between wooden spindles. Glass panels are made from toughened, tempered glass, making them safe and effective choices for any home.For an enquiry about handrails and ready made stairs contact us on 

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