The most moving type of readymade staircase with strong center frame and economical rate. The center frame is the quality mild steel . According to the site condition it is cut in our factory make the structure first. Then the structure is sent to the site to make perfect conditions and then again back to the factory, to powder coat the center frame.The babuji german made wood is used for steps to make it more architectural. The wood can be customized by the client according to their choice of colour. It is the most moving model and it is maintenance free. Glass and steel railing is done for this architectural design. Wood and steel railing can also be done in this type of readymade staircases.

The person drawing a concrete staircase rarely thinks further than the layout. Finishes, cladding, balustrade and connections are usually not taken into account at this stage. Overlooking one or more of these elements is a classic mistake people make time and time again. The stair and balustrade must be fully detailed before you start building any part of it.If you want a lightweight design, perhaps to let in more light, a steel structure will give you the look you want. You also have the option of choosing open treads to increase flow of light. Concrete structures are a popular choice for basement stairs, although can look clumsy in main living spaces. With any staircase, it’s important that the design works with the space available rather than take over it.
Liquid concrete is dependent upon many variables including temperature, consistency, mix and builder’s experience. Concrete structures can be difficult to cast with any accuracy. Steel is controllable through design and manufacturing methods to precision measurements. Iona steels is the top stainless steel railing manufactures in India. | +91 9072266001

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